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The "Please, Finish Your Book!" Podcast is seeking Busy and/or Distracted people who became Published Authors

…specifically the ones who will be candid about how they found the time and expertise to write and publish an Inspiring, Educational, and/or Entertaining book.

Show Description:
The Podcast is case study on how someone was able to write and publish an Inspiring, Educational, and/or Entertaining book despite having a busy life and/or distractions from other major priorities.

The authors will have the opportunity to RAP (ie., "Read A Portion") during "The Book" segment. During "The Author" segment, we'll hear a summary of the author's background from early life to what led up to the book idea. The last segment of the show, "The Mindset", is where the author reveals the motivation, choices, and a technique used that helped to bring the book to life. The show format is "BAM!" (Book, Author, Mindset).

If the author is passionate about the book they wrote, willing to open up about their life's struggles and successes, and can share actionable steps that they used to finish their book, then they'll be the ideal guest.

The host is a Short Story Author and a Former Marine with a Corporate Training background who demands to have an exciting and informative.

Show Host:
John P.

Host Email Address:

The ideal guests with the books that fit the shows' model, will receive the link to an online form to fill out and submit for review. After the application is reviewed, they'll be notified with scheduling information along with the list of potential questions.

Note: All interviews will be done via Skype (audio), more details are provided via the online form.

Audience Demographics: 
The typical listeners would likely be 30+ males/females.

Audience Size:
Since the show is in the soft-launch phase, the audience size has not yet been assessed. The show will be promoted in numerous social media groups for writers, speakers, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Show Format:
Pre-Recorded Podcast

Regular episodes of the show will be released twice weekly.

Show URL:

Where else will the show appear:

iTunes (for iOS devices)
Stitcher (for Android devices)
Various Social Media platforms

Expectations of all selected guests:
There is no monetary charge for being a guest on the show.

However, in exchange for the airtime and book promotions, the guest author is expected to:

1) Share an actionable tip or a short step-by-step process that would be beneficial to someone who hasn't finished a book yet.

2) Continue the promotions of the show on their own social networks and to recommend that their followers download and rate the episode(s) that the guest author appears on.

Interviewed authors may also occasionally be asked to participate in short surveys conducted soley by John P. to gather statistics about successful Authors (such as yourself) to share with the listeners.

How to apply to be a Guest Author:
Email your name and hyperlink of your book to

Listen to the latest episode here:
Blubrry player!