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Jacques McNeil_Life Happens: 30 Strategies for Triumphant Living
Jacques McNeil’s passion is equipping women with the tools necessary to courageously live a life of purpose. She is the founder and president of W.I.T.N.E.S.S. Book Club, a licensed Evangelist, motivational speaker, corporate image consultant, professional development consultant, and an instructional designer at UCLA Health Systems. She is the wife of David McNeil, pastor of Transforming Lives Community Church, COGIC and they live in Los Angeles, California with their miracle daughter, Micaela.

Icebreaker Choices (“what do you prefer”)
Mild, Shopping in a store, Car, Gluten Free Waffle, Pie, Ocean, Bicycle, Frozen Yogurt, Movie Theater, Library

The Book
Power of Me Time
Triumphing amidst adversity
Man in trench coat with a Gun
Embracing your imperfections
Your waiting is not in vain
Fibroid Cysts

The Author
From Canton to Los Angeles
Writer, Wallstreet aspirations, Corporate Training
Women’s book club – W.I.T.N.E.S.S.
Personal Hygiene Gift bags to women on Skid Row
You were born for this by Bruce Wilkinson

The Mindset
Wrote monthly articles for book club which led to the book idea
Busy with book club, church, annual events, marriage, daughter, “go-live” at work
You have to be intentional if you want to get it done
Is what I have to say good enough?
Find a writing mentor/coach/accountability partner

Thank You for finishing your book Jacques and Thank You for sharing your message with the world.


Thank You for finishing your book Jacques and Thank You for sharing your message and advice with the world.

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