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012: Shola Richards | Making Work Work

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Shola Richards is a workplace positivity expert, dynamic keynote speaker,  and self-professed kindness extremist who is dedicated to positively change how we work, live and lead in America. As a busy award-winning Director of Training at a top educational institution, he finished writing the book, “Making Work Work: The Positivity Solution for Any Work Environment.” The Book:…

011: John Lee Dumas | The Freedom Journal

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John Lee Dumas is the founder & host of EOFire, a top ranked business Podcast where he interviews today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. While busy while his podcast, he finished writing the book “The Freedom Journal: Accomplish your #1 Goal in 100 Days“. The Book: The Freedom Journal: Accomplish your #1 Goal in 100…

010: Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr | Admired Man Why?

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Dr. Chris L. Hickey, Sr. is the CEO/President of the Admired Man Leadership Institute, where he lectures, facilitates workshops and conducts a comprehensive train-the-trainer curriculum, where participants earn a training Certificate, based on his four year national research, and resulting book, “Admired Man Why: The Making of an Admired Man.” The Book: Admired Man Why?: The…

009: Keshawn Dodds | Menzuo: The Calling of the Sun Prince

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Keshawn Dodds is an author, actor, motivational speaker and advocate for education. Inspired by the death of his best friend, Marcus McDowell, Mr. Keshawn Dodds is on a mission to help all youth enjoy the love of reading and education. Mr. Dodds’ eight book series will inspire people to not only read his books, but…

008: Naresh Vissa | Fifty Shades Of Marketing

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Naresh Vissa is Founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing – a full service online and digital media and marketing consultancy and agency. He has worked with leading publishers, media firms and institutions such as CNN Radio, JP Morgan Chase, EverBank, The Institute for Energy Research, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, the American Junior Golf…

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