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About the Show

The Podcast is case study and a celebration of how busy people were able to write and publish Inspiring, Educational, and/or Entertaining books despite the distractions from other major priorities.



John P, the host of the show, was born in Arkansas bMain Picture for social mediaut grew up in a Midwest suburb of Chicago. He joined the Marine Corps immediately after high school, and then spent over two decades after his military service in the IT Training industry where he trained thousands of adults in the classroom. 

During the summer of 2012, shortly after joining a new training project, he flew home from Southern California to see his cousin graduate high school and to visit his mom.

While on a long walk with his mom, Glory, she mentioned her desire to finish writing some books she was working on.  John P, knowing that he had similar aspirations as his mom, expressed that he was also working on a book. She responded, "Wow! I'm so proud of you. Hurry up and finish it, I'd love to read it". He assured her he would.

A couple of months after John P returned back to his home in California, he received news that his mom wasn't doing well. During a phone call, she stated she was fine, but medical staff and family members shared the real facts. In the midst of one of the conversations with her, she asked, "John, did you finish your book yet? If not, please finish your book because I'd love to read it right now".

Finishing a book was the last thing on John P's mind. The pressures of working at a new training project where the company was preparing to roll-out a new computer system kept him busy. But her inquiry about getting his book finished was a constant reminder of the promise he made.

Less than 2 months later, in January 2013, she passed away. Several months after her death, John P finally finished a book he co-authored of short stories and poems. 

This podcast is dedicated to his mom who said "please finish your book".

It is also a celebration for those who found a way to get their books finished to become published authors regardless of how busy and distracted they were.

The show launched on his Mom's Birthday, Tuesday, March 29th, 2016.
Listen to the first introductory episode here: