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004: Dr. Kathy Gruver | The Alternative Medicine Cabinet - Please, Finish Your Book!
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004: Dr. Kathy Gruver | The Alternative Medicine Cabinet

Dr. Kathy Gruver: The Alternative Medicine Cabinet: Hundreds of ways to take charge of your health. Naturally.
Dr Kathy Gruver is an award-winning author of five books on health and wellness. She’s also an internationally recognized speaker, regular expert on radio and TV and maintains a massage and hypnotherapy practice in Santa Barbara, CA. Before you hear more about her books, her story, and her advice on finishing a book, listen to this book testimonial from one of her readers.

The Book
For anyone who wants to explore alternative options … Don’t visit her office with a gunshot wound … Take alternative medicine seriously … Short chapters … Very practical person … The perfect bathroom book … Even Wonder Woman needs a day off … Keep a notebook by the bed … Hundreds of tips throughout the book…Given the right environment, the body can heal itself … Not another nutrition book.

The Author
Pittsburgh Steelers fan … Only Child … Terrible Towel … LA Rams … Wanted to be a Veterinarian … Pursuing the Acting career … Parallel path between Acting and Healing … Auditions and massage on the side … Hosts own TV series … hundreds of lectures and made them fun … Dance since age 5 … Hip Hop dance 3 to 4 days a week … Losing mom at a young age … A special place in heart for cancer patient … Inspired to help clients find options … Dad was an incredible care-giver … Was 18 when mom died, but 13 when she got sick … Getting a PHD … Started a phenomenal massage practice … Innate since for business … Harry Potter.

The Mindset
Triple-Capricorn … Can throw the football further than the boys on the street … Motivation was knowing that people would benefit from this … One of the busiest people … Type A … Throw off the writers hat, put on the healers hat … Wrote when feeling the urge … Deadline driven … Dictated a lot … Wine and dance class … Flying Trapeze … Loves public speaking … Wasn’t a full time writer … Hire an editor … This book sparked the TV Show “The Alternative Medicine Cabinet” … People look at you differently when you become an author … Excited when the proof copy came, it was like birthing a child … Excited when google it and see it on amazon and get first review … You write a paragraph and before that write a sentence…you do it word by word! …

Thank You for finishing your book Kathy and Thank You for sharing it with the world.

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